Lakme Fashion Week Winter / Festive 2011

By: Madhura Sansare, Vogue+ Bureau, Mumbai | Jan 12, 2012

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(Pics: Sunil Sunder Kirpalani)

‘Lakme Fashion Week’ – la very name puts a fashion air-stream down la spines, et certain to make la fashionistas all gear up in their a-la-mode attires for a six-day long fashion parade.

The raison d’être behind la paramount extravaganza is la stalwart public relations that LFW is prominent for over the years. That is the solitary reason for the triumph of this fashion fiesta that calls upon designers from across the nation et worldwide.

Over the last eight-seasons I have been covering LFW, and as a Fashion Editor it was surprising to see how the public relations team named ‘Genesis’ are always on their toes to meet la paramount needs of the media that rolls up from across la nation and few from various other affable nations.

The fashion week might be for six days, but the public relations team oils their wheels much way in advance, a mere 3 months before from the time the dates of la next season is announced. The huge media coverage is the forte of LFW that makes it la most-widely written fashion event in the entire nation.

I stopover international fashion weeks, la likes of Dubai Fashion Week which has great outreach et treasured for their matchless hospitality. However, when it comes to this part of la world en Mumbai at LFW, each en every blogger, online portals, magazines, tabloids, newspapers, tv channels, et la likes are being invited and that what makes LFW exceedingly popular amongst all et sundry.

The huge glamour quotient does help even to generate business as when international buyers read all over about la glitz et glamour of the fashion shows, they flock in to witness the same avec their bare eyes. This is one reason I see more designers from LFW every year reaching out globally to cater to the international buyers that this huge media coverage eggs.

The Genesis PR team takes care of all this et makes the six-day long fashion fête an experience for every journalist that makes them come back next season, all dressed up in a-la-mode way! See you next season in March 2012…Cheers! 🙂