18 to 36 years – Sushmita Sen’s voyage

By: Madhura Sansare, Vogue+ Bureau, Mumbai | January 19, 2012

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(Pics: Sunil Sunder Kirpalani)

Sushmita Sen is one of the most celebrated Indian actresses with 10 National Awards to her credit. Sen is the first Bengali girl and even the first Indian beauty who was crowned Miss Universe in 1994.

The ex-Miss Universe dazzled at India Kids Fashion Week 2012 tonight as she sashayed la rampe with her two daughters, Renee and Alisah for Nishka Lulla‘s newest collection for kids. Madhura Sansare tête-à-têtes with the Bengali beauty about the voguish show, her daughters, and the glitzy voyage in the vogue world so far…

What would you say about Nishka Lulla’s newest collection?

The attire that Nishka gave me to wear is magnificent and just apt for me; I always adore her fashion sensibilities. As a designer, Nishka is spectacular. I went through all her designs; I found that she has taken care of every minute detail too.

How special was this fashion show to you?

As you know my older daughter Renee debuted in Neeta Lulla‘s fashion show. And today, my younger daughter Alisah debuted in Neeta‘s daughter, Nishka‘s show. So personally, this show was very special to me.

Do you take the advice of your daughters, especially Renee?

O yes, Renne has a say about almost everything. She is like Mom, it does not go with that, and I would reply Baby, how old are you and how old am I? Then she would say I am 11 and you are 36, so I win by saying at 36 I will do what I want. (laughs)

You have always been more involved with the underprivileged kids…

I believe that the term privilege is exceedingly relative. You are underprivileged only if you believe you are!

You were a mere teenager when you won the Miss Universe pageant and stepped into this field. How has the journey been?

I was actually thinking about exactly this the other day. I was 18 when I came into this fashion industry and today I am exactly double of that. It’s a special year and I promise you something big will happen in 2012.

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