Fashion & Passion takes center-stage

Anita Balsara & Nandan Upadhyay, Vogue+ Bureau, Mumbai | Jan 29, 2012

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Fashion and Passion took center stage as the LGBTI community of India pitched in for equal rights to live through a Queer Azaadi March 2012 in Mumbai. Transgender activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, gay activist Harish Iyer, community people, social workers, students and many walked claiming equal rights for people who live with alternate sexuality. Vogue+ Correspondents Anita Balsara & Nandan Upadhyay talks to some of the LGBTI activists and finds out that court order gave the community strength while it is a long battle to change people’s mindset.

The Tinsel town is one of the metros in India where alternate sexuality is widely getting the visibility. “The Queer Azaadi March 2012 shows that India is really the biggest democracy in the whole world. If we cannot love our fellow human beings and discriminate among them as hetro or homo-sexuals, we are going against the basic human rights for these people to live a healthy lifestyle,” revealed Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, founder member of Asia Pacific (APAC) Transgender Network, who was the first transgender person from India to represent APAC in the UN General Assembly President’s Office.

The community is also not shying away from hitting back. It is interesting that Harish Iyer, another gay rights activist brings out Baba Ramdev as he had a campaign against LGBTI community calling them unnatural. “I understand that Babaji has some medicine to cure homosexuality for us. I am also sure that we as a community can get together and find a medicine to cure his prejudice,” divulged Iyer.

Whatever the orientation is, at the end of the day it’s only about Equal Rights. “Liberate the pinks and let the emotions show. Here in India we often do not talk about emotions because it is not the done thing,” revealed Raj Iyer, NRI social activist who came from United States to take part in the pride walk. The community is hoping that Supreme Court of India uphold their rights just like the Delhi High Court.

The recent trends have changed and Indian society is finally gearing up to accept the rights of those who live with an alternate sexuality. Are you one of the many millions in India who is living with an alternate sexuality? Then, you can breathe freely in this country as India is changing and would soon be giving you Equal Human Rights to live freely in its democracy and maintain a healthy lifestyle like everyone else!