Işleme iç Türkiye

By: Mansi Vakharia, Vogue+ Bureau, Istanbul | February 4, 2012

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It is often not very hard when describing the epic of an incredible nation akin Turkey. Vogue+ International Travel Correspondent Mansi Vakharia divulges that no other nation has been inundated so many times, so greatly was it sought-after by adventurers outside its periphery…


Turkey is one nation that one truly can not begin to decipher!

One moment you see yourself drawn to the mystic serenity of its mosque and rich vivacious culture. The very next instant you lose yourself in the prompt pace of this time-oriented metropolis.

Turkey is a Eurasian country that is very clearly visible in its cultural and artistic biddings. The nation has managed to retain the simplicity of its Asian roots while embracing the dexterity of its European wings.

From Edrine to Van, Turkey is a mélange of contrasting elements! Metropolitan cities like Istanbul and Ankara exude the vibes of fast pace European nations with culturally rich places like İstiklal Avenue that boasts of all the brands from Burberry to Arman Suciyan, while smaller known places such as Kusadasi and Çanakkale cater to the likes of  L.A. Bohemian with its laidback shopping avenues to beach-side street fares.

One must not miss out on the world famous Bakhlava and Turkish delights.

Turkey is one country that has a niche for every kind of traveler; it is truly a paradise for someone who wants to soak his soul in a mosaic of culture.