La mode à Paris

By: Mansi Vakharia, Vogue+ Bureau, Paris | February 15, 2012

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Looking for la ultimate guide to la Capitol of Française style? Vogue+ International Travel Correspondent Mansi Vakharia has done la legwork so you can hit la ground running…

Viva La Paris! If there is a way to honestly live life to la fullest, it’s surely la Parisian way to live!

La most visited tourist destination of la world as well as the Fashion Capitol truly does live up to its hype. A fantastic example of Rustic and Futuristic!

Paris‘ cobblestoned streets lead you to the magical high end lands of Couture Fashion as well as Gastronomic delights. While stores like Elie Saab, Chanel, Zara and Nina Ricci soothe our artistic senses, Paris also boasts of Ladurée’s, La Royale Cafe and Le Condon Bleu to sate our stomach. Just one Macaroon at Laduree’s is enough to set your taste buds on fire!

Fashion and Food maybe la highlights of Paris but don’t ignore the Beautiful Winter Gardens. Situated near the restaurant Les Ambassadeurs, a brisk stroll followed by an aperitif at the Hôtel Crillon can set the mood right for any occasion.

One must also enjoy an RER ride to Port St. Cloud and enjoy the farmers market that offers a mind-blowing range of cheeses, seafood catch and other local produce.

Paris is truly a travelers’ dream. It leaves you content and yet has you craving for more!