Designer Shehla Khan opens her a-la-mode store ‘SHEHLAA’ in Tinsel town

By: Himanshu Pandey, Vogue+ Bureau, Mumbai | February 20, 2012

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(Pics: Sunil Sunder Kirpalani)

Shehla’s store design is evocative of the French Baroque style from the late sixteenth century. Designed by Esha Pandya, la modish store is perfectly complementary to SHEHLAA’S stylish ensembles. Vogue+ Correspondent Himanshu Pandey reveals more about a-la-mode store

Shehla’s attires are attractive clothes with a lot of thought being given to detail et workmanship. Her Indian garments have been inspired by classic old school embroideries such as shadow work, chikan kari and badla to name a few.

The designer follows micro-trends in Indian wear and she uses seasonal trends to develop western clothes as her motive is to create something that a lady can keep forever. “I aspire for my garment to have the esteem of an Armani suit, something she can pass forward to generations as I wish to cater to everyone,” revealed the coveted designer.

The garments in her collection have the dual characteristic of being classic as well as trendy. She aspires to be a luxury brand which can also be available to someone who does not have the privilege of luxury goods as well as someone who knows nothing but chic luxury. “When a woman comes to me, I take into consideration her own sense of style, color and her preferences and use my aesthetic senses to create something she will love,” added la coveted designer.

Shehla’s clothes spell fine workmanship, pretty pastel colours for the season and beautiful cuts that appeal to me personally. They are made to make every woman feel beautiful. She is a close friend, hence Rhea and myself also pushed her to open her signature store,” signed off childhood friend Sonam Kapoor, an actress.