SAFE has the right combination…

By: Rubal Agrawal, Vogue+ Bureau, Mumbai | 4th May, 2012

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Director: Boaz Yakim

Cast: Jason Statham,  Catherine Chan, Chris Sarandon, Robert John Burke
Release Date in India– 4th May, 2012
Running Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes

Certification: U/A

Rating: **

She is a child, he is a cage fighter, she is genius, he is brute force, she has the code and he is the key. Vogue+ correspondent Rubal Agrawal divulges the secrets of the “Safe”…

11-year-old Mei (Catherine Chan) is abducted and forced to work for ruthless Chinese gangsters due to her extraordinary memory and skills in Mathematics. When Mei is given a numerical code to a mystery Safe, the Triad, the Russian mafia, and corrupt New York officials all want her – dead or alive.

Luckily for Mei, disgraced former cop Luke Wright (Jason Statham) happens upon the fleeing girl and rescues her. Determined to protect Mei, Wright launches a full-scale war against the criminal leaders and their vast armies of merciless killers. And what follows is a 94 minutes of high–octane, organized chaos , across the New York city.

Boaz Yakim handles the action really well but he script seems lost in the confusion created by the bloody mayhem, fast escapes and even faster car chases. Yakim lets the “Gun-do-the-talking” and frequent gunshots, partially replace the conversation. One might accuse Statham, of being an actor with limited emotions, but when it comes to action, the man is the best we have. Chan, in her first film puts up an endearing act.

The violence is straightforward and unflinching, a reminder of the “Classic Old School Gangster films of 80’s”. The action is visual and compelling. It imparts a guilty pleasure that makes one enjoy the violence, without being bothered, who’s at the receiving end. Safe has the “right combination” of a great action movie.

(Edited & Published by Madhura Sansare)