Novel Rope Massage…

By: Vishal Pallod, Vogue+ Bureau, Mumbai | 7th May, 2012

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(Pics: Sunil Sunder Kirpalani)

Grand Peninsula Hotel in Mumbai has open doors and is now offering Tinsel town populace relaxing Rope Massage at Caressaa Day Spa, Vogue+ Correspondent Vishal Pallod tells you more…

Novel Rope Massage

As in the olden days, the practice of making the little ones walk over the body of an adult was quite common in India. This technique not only provided relaxation to the tired muscles but was also fun for the doer.

One can find this massage being practice in certain places  where the practitioner walk, sweep her feet, press and release pressure over the client’s body with the help and support of the one straight rope tied to 2 opposite poles.

(Edited & Published by Madhura Sansare)