Rock ! Rock ! Till you drop

By: Rubal Agrawal, Vogue+ Bureau, Mumbai | June 15, 2012

Director: Adam Shankman
Stars: Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin
Release Date in India: 15th June, 2012
Running Time: 123 minutes
Rating: ****

Quotable Quotes : No one knows me,better than ME.

A Rock-N-Roll rendition of a classic Broadway musical. Rock of Ages story line is predictable, but does one really care, when it is so melodiously delivered.

A small town girl, trying to find her own in LA, meets a complete stranger who helps her find a job in a club. The club is on verge of bankruptcy and the only saving grace is the live performance of Stacee Jaxx, the superstar. The big moment arrives when Stacee Jaxx is bamboozled, and our hero is asked to fill in his shoes. When everything seems to be falling in place, a cord snaps. And with New Mayor’s wife, adamant on cleaning the city of this Rock obsession, the melody turns cacophonic. What follows next is the classical saga of revival of faith and triumph of Love, but the journey is lyrical.

The musical numbers  were just incredible, and mind you, each number was executed to perfection. The soundtracks have subtle purpose to character dimension. The entire recreation of LA of 87’ was impressive, reminiscent of the Golden Era of Rock. Hats off to Shankman, to pull off a performance like such. The visual depiction of a superstar’s life and rock obsession is debauched and is little raw for Indian sensibility. The imagery is erotic but not obscene.

By revisiting the popular tracks of the past that have matured to cheese, this film has reclaimed them. While those in younger generation might, not appreciate, the fans of Rock will live to swear by it.

(Edited & Published by Pooja Patel)