Men and Make Up…

By: James Clark | Vogue+ Bureau, Scotland | 6th October, 2012

Scotland and I, suppose all men have a strange relationship with make-up. Throughout history and more so in the 21st century it’s become more and more common to see men wearing make up.

With the rise of brands such as Ten Image Professional and Jean Paul Gaultier bringing men and make up together with a wide range of liners, mascaras and bronzers.

As a make-up artist I always use make-up with my male models. Varying from a simple concealer to a full on body paint, the endless possibilities of make-up are there to be explored.

For people looking for something simple to use day to day, here’s what I would recommend anti-shine.  Want something a little more? Look to the catwalks especially the ready to wear collections for the latest looks for men or just get creative with liner and a little concealer.

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(Edited & Published by Madhura Sansare)