Sabya to speak on Success & it’s by-product, loneliness!


Sabyasachi Mukherjee on the sets of Teacher's Achievement Awards presents Achievers' Club

Sabya is no doubt my favourite designer, as an Indian, a Bengali and a Fashion Designer he has made us proud. I simply adore Sabya and love his Bengal inspired designs, his ‘Save the Saree’ initiative.

What many of my reader friends, might not know is that for Sabya, loneliness was a transient yet sometimes severe flip side of success. Sabya told me in a statement,

“I was losing friends because I think, that you know, sometimes when you are so married to your vision and what you want to do, other people probably can’t align themselves to it.”

That is the Life of the young globally-coveted Super-Star Designer hailing from a lower-middle class Bengali family who has made it real big in his life. Sometimes, I wonder that, it must be his humble background and love for motherland that has made Sabya what he is today, reviving the Indian saree…

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