Art Before Existence: An Interview with Kirsty Allison

Gee Be Free

Kirsty Allison

She’s worked for the biggest names and even bigger publications; a writer, an artist, a DJ, a fashionista; Kirsty Allison is the rock chick of East London. Enviably calm, creative and collected, Allison can be found reading from her dulcet ditties, creating metaphysical artistic masterpieces or writing about her wild, wacky and wonderful life experiences on her blog. She’s witty and humble and bloody gorgeous…

You’re job description is basically “everything creative”. What would you say you are most interested in? Poetry, novels, fashion, films?

My main thing has always been writing, that’s the central point of what I do, and I get enthusiastic about other things. Creativity is an energy that you can put anywhere, it’s just what you put most energy into is what you’re doing at that moment. I classify myself as a writer first and foremost.

You were resident poet for Art Saves Lives founded by…

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