World Cup Series: Top 5 Hottest Ads of Footballers in Their Underwear

A Collective Edit

In the spirit of the World Cup, we have listed, in random order, the top 5 hottest ads of footballers in their underwear. Since the inception of David Beckham, footballers seem to be the most-sought after athletes to front fashion campaigns.

Italian National Team for Dolce & Gabbana 2006 Italian National Team for Dolce & Gabbana

The article we posted yesterday had quite a few interesting points on why the fashion world is now watching the World Cup in Brazil rather closely.

First, it’s the fame. According to the New York Times article, the fashion world treats the soccer field like a runway. “Designers see a fame that’s really important to them,” said Godfrey Deeny, editor at large for Le Figaro and editor in chief of Sepp, a biennial soccer and fashion magazine.

Second, they have the right built. Quoted by the same article, Julie Ragolia, the fashion director at Man of the World magazine, said the fashion world’s…

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